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Industrial Hygiene (VOCs),

Workplace Environmental Consultant

Industrial Hygiene is the science of assessing and evaluating workplace conditions that could cause injury or illness to those who may have been exposed to adverse airborne environmental conditions.

Worksite Assessment

The worksite assessment is an essential step for the Industrial Hygienist to evaluate indoor environmental concerns. The Industrial Hygienist will identify problem exposure areas, levels and risks in the workplace. The Industrial Hygienist will inspect and implement the use of proper testing protocols to evaluate and determine if particular chemicals or off-gassing of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are impacting the workplace environment. Upon completion of the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessment, a complete detailed written report will be submitted.

Examples of Workplace Hazards:

To effectively recognize workplace environmental hazards, the Industrial Hygienist is well versed in understanding concerns related to indoor air containments, chemical and biological hazards that may be effecting the workplace environment.

Industrial Hygiene
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