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American Environmental Specialists (A.E.S.) is a licensed, insured professional consulting firm with over 30 years of field experience performing indoor air quality investigations. Florida State DBPR License # MRSA2881

Services Provided

Mold / Mycotoxins / MVOC’s

Mold in the home or business can lead to adverse health effects as well as severe structural damage to buildings.

Moisture Testing / Mapping

A.E.S. can detect and map (track) any moisture impacted location (s) with the use of moisture detection equipment.

Allergens / Bacteria

Common allergens include mold spores, pollen, pet dander, cockroach, rodent and dust mite droppings.

Industrial Hygiene / VOC’s

Industrial Hygiene is the science of assessing and evaluating workplace conditions that could cause illness.

Materials Science / Chemicals

Materials Science is the identification of un-identified materials requiring further investigation by laboratory analysis.

Water / Soil / Carbon / Soot

A.E.S. can sample and analyze various types of drinking water, waste water and groundwater concerns.

Sick Building Syndrome

The term SBS is used to describe situations in which the building occupants experience health concern.

Phase I & II E.S.A. Assessments

A Phase I ESA is required by legal or lending institutions for future owners, to demonstrate.

Health Symptoms

Do you feel better when you’re away from your home or workplace?
An unhealthy environmental toxin may be the cause of poor indoor air quality.

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Mold Exposure

Air Quality Testing Companies Near Me

VOC Exposure

Allergen Exposure

No Conflict of Interest Statement

American Environmental Specialists performs only indoor air quality inspections, testing and reporting, as well as providing a complete “Scope for Remediation” (Work Plan) for our clients. A.E.S. does not act as a “one stop company” providing testing and remediation. As an independent consulting firm, we offer a complete un-biased opinion of your concern and advise the client what the next step should be to resolve the problem. A.E.S. does not benefit in any way by magnifying the problem in order to benefit our company. We strictly use only third party independent laboratories for sampling analysis. A.E.S. offers our clients a complete professional on-site assessment. We are a professionally insured, certified company with many accreditations and have been providing over 30 years of outstanding service for our residential, commercial and industrial clients.


Being affiliated with these organizations we show our commitment to ethical behavior and customer service while building trust with customers.